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            Many people want to learn how to knit but are put off from attending classes due to the fact they think that they will not be able to master the skills required. However, we are here to tell you that knitting isn’t as difficult as it looks. Sign up to our knitting classes and you will be making sweaters in no time at all.

            A Little Bit About Us

            We are firm believers in the notion that the best teachers are those with experience. Therefore, we have made sure that we hire knitting teachers that have over two decades of experience and are extremely passionate about passing on their knowledge to the next generation of wannabe knitters. Our teachers are extremely friendly and will always be more than happy to sit down and have a chat with you (with some tea and biscuits of course).

            We understand that not all of our students are at the same level, so we have different classes available depending on your knitting skills. We think this is important because it can be disparaging to sit there and watch someone knit a sweater while you are struggling to get your technique right.

            Why Should You Consider Learning How to Knit?

            Knitting is a great hobby to have as it helps get rid of boredom and is soothing at the same time. In fact, doing some knitting has been proven to reduce stress, help stop addiction, and even improve a person’s memory.

            Furthermore, it is a great skill to master as it provides you with the ability to produce great homemade gifts. Is a close relative about to have a baby? If so, you can knit them a cute little hat and a pair of mittens. Are you unsure what to get someone for Christmas or their birthday? If so, you can spend your free time knitting them a cardigan or a jumper. These types of gifts are always appreciated as the recipient knows just how much time and effort has gone into creating the gift.

            Anyone can go to the local shopping mall and purchase a jumper or a cardigan, but it is definitely not the same as making the effort to create one from scratch for a loved one.

            Do You Need to Bring Anything With You to Our Lessons?

            You often have to bring your own wool and needles to knitting classes, but that is not the case with us. The price of wool is included in the cost of the lessons and we have plenty of needles spare that you can make use of. All you have to bring to our lessons is yourself and a willingness to learn.

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